24K Repeats As Maryland VEX IQ Champs

On Saturday, 03-March-2018, 25 VEX IQ teams from around Maryland met at New Town High School in Owings Mills, MD to compete for the title of champion.  The lads of 24K arrived at the competition as the defending Teamwork Challenge Champions, and with high hopes.  With a win, they would return to the World Championship in April.

At 9:30a, the Skills fields opened, and teams quickly queued up to take their turn to post their best score as an individual team.  Teams both ran their robots under driver control and autonomously, with the highest combined score determining the champion.  24K wasted no time getting onto the skills field and quickly established the high mark of the day: 241 points, one point better than the second place team.

After waiting tensely all day, when the skills field closed at 2p, 24K remained on top.  They claimed the title of Maryland State Skills Champions.  Along with the title came an invitation to the World Championship.

With the pressure off, they were still determined to make their best effort and defend their title in the Teamwork Challenge.  When the qualifying rounds were over, they were at the top of the rankings.  As such, they would be a part of the very last match of the day with the outcome determining the Teamwork Challenge champions.

The two finals matches just prior to theirs, 2 other pairs of teams posted two of the best scores of the day.  With such intense competition, 24K knew they would need to be at their best in their own match.  From opening bell to final buzzer, they were intensely focused.  Their partner struggled throughout the match, but 24K kept their cool, even when the outcome was still up in the air.  When the buzzer sounded and their score was tallied, they received the news they had worked so hard for: they had successfully defended their title as Teamwork Champion!

Congratulations to the lads of 24K: Joey Chastain, Declan Coffey, and Seth Krispin.

One special note: those lads want to recognize one other team in particular.  All year long, the ladies of 929D have pushed our lads to be at their very best.  We want to say a special, “Congratulations!” to all three ladies of 929D for being recognized with the Excellence Award on Saturday.  It could not have gone to a more worthy team!



Seth Krispin ( in black tee shirt), Declan Coffey (in green sweatshirt), and Joey Chastain (off to right in grey sweatshirt) prepare for their autonomous skills run.



From left to right: Joey Chastain, Seth Krispin, Declan Coffey accept the 2018 Maryland State VEX IQ Skill Challenge Champion banner.  (Note: in the background, wearing the referee shirt, is Jordan Kiesel; a VexU World Champion and alum of The Super Sonic Sparks)


24K is awarded the Teamwork Challenge Champion banner along with their partners in the finals, 11375D from Lakeland Middle School.


One thought on “24K Repeats As Maryland VEX IQ Champs

  1. Congratulations to 24K! Great season. Good luck at Worlds to you!!! Thanks for the nice comments about 929D. It was a fun season of events. signed, HZR


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