S3 Just Misses Out, 183Z wins it all

On Saturday, 24-Feb-2018, 61 high school teams from around Maryland met at Sollers Point High School to compete in the 2018 Maryland State High School VEX VRC Championship. Calyx Ruiz, Bryn Kerney, Sam Jones, and Nicholas Michalcyk –
the members of 24A – looked sharp both in match competition and on the skills field, but in the end were one place short of receiving an invitation to the World Championship in April. It was a good result for very good team.

Another club member, Nolan Hintze, left the event as a champion as his team, 183Z, won the match competition and took home the highest judged award in the state – the Excellence Award. In doing so, they showed themselves to be the top team in Maryland for 2018.

The VEX VRC High School World Championship are scheduled to take place between Wed, 25-Apr-2018 and Sat, 28-Apr-2018 in Louisville, KY. More than 500 high school teams from around the world are expected to compete for the title of World Champion.


[ 24A members enter the gym during the parade of teams.  From left to right: Sam Jones, Bryn Kerney, Calyx Ruiz, Nicholas Michalczyk. ]



[ Club member Nolan Hintze (center) celebrates receiving the Excellence Award with his teammates from 183Z ]



[ Nolan Hintze (third from right) holds the trophy as his teammates hold the banner, both given for placing 1st in the 2018 Maryland VRC State Championship ]


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